Notes from the field: 10 July 2007 [from archive]

10 July 2007. BagedaUla, Inner Mongolia

0936-1830. Today the screen-washing small mammal team worked for a whole day by the freshwater well. they have nearly finished the 160+ bags collected from IM0702, and Li Qiang collected a dozen or so more bags from a separate outcrop.

-Gary and I were in charge of excavating IM0703 (People's Hole), several other students went to the same section. They drew illustrations of the section, while Yuki Tomida and Yuri Kimura surface prospected.

[excavation at IM0703, "People's Hole"]

-The weather held up, though it got windy in the mid-afternoon. We excavated three plaster jackets, one being the Hipparion partial jaw with deciduous tooth, the other with a femur and embedded elements, third being a complete jaw, bovid horncore, and other elements.

[grassland of Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia]

-We processed the fossils after dinner, and packed everything in four boxes (in addition to six jackets) for transporting. We have another half day here, then onward west.

[partially exposed fossil antelope lower jaw]

-end field notes-

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Spencer said... that like microfossils? *is familiar*

Wow, Baodega Ula is beautiful!