Notes from the field: 7 July 2007 [from archive]

7 July 2007. Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia

-0900-1630. The weather has been relatively unsettled. It rained at around 0600 to 0630, thus I did not go for a run (also, I was tired from yesterday's work, so I did not feel well rested). We cleaned out the fossils and wrapped them.

-After breakfast at the hotel restaurant (note: we are staying in the town of A-ba-ga), we drove again to Baogeda Ula, where we split up into two groups: one group scraped surface matrix in preparation for screen-washing. The other group (composed of Gary and myself) proceeded to make plaster jackets of our horse metapodial, unknown fragment, and horse mandible.

-We got the fossils out, then started looking just up-section for more. It got very windy around 1600, when we headed back to the vehicles.

-end field notes-

[Ho Sukuan, Dr. Deng Tao, Dr. Yuki Tomida, guy I don't remember, and Dr. Qiu Zhuding]

[commentary: July 7 was also the birthday of one of the Chinese graduate students, Sukuan Ho. We celebrated her birthday with a feast at a local restaurant, with lots of singing.]

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