Notes from the field: 6 July 2007 [from archive]

6 July 2007. Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia

-1400-1800. We prospected all around the area where Hyaenictitherium hyaenoides was found in 2002.

(fossil prospecting in the Baogeda Ula Formation, Inner Mongolia. 6 July 2007)

-Distal metapodial, and embedded equid mandible. p1-2 were excavated, but the rest were left there until we are prepared with plaster bandages and acryloid glue tomorrow.

Locality J070607T01
N 44 --.380'
E 114 --.730'
elevation 1153 m

-Weather: in the early afternoon the temperature was probably in the 90's F, although at around 1700 more clouds moved in. Cloud cover is about 60%, with wind picking up from the east.

-Our earlier explorations did not return any fossils; we did realize that the only decent exposure is the fragment site where the hyaenid was found. We were probably correct in the conclusion that more complete material were still preserved in situ, and requires excavation.

-end field notes-

[commentary: the day after this was written, we discovered two concentrations of fossils east and west of the site described above; those two sites became the first in the Baogeda Ula Formation to produce complete elements of large fossil mammals, and will be the focus of my own expedition in June 2009; stay tuned for more archived notes from 2007!]

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