Notes from the field: 8 July 2007 [from archive]

8 July 2007. Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia
1200. Locality IM0703 = J070807T01

-2 unidentified bone framents
-1 chelonian [turtle] plastron fragment
-2 Hipparion [three-toed horse] premolars
-1 bag of fragmentary enamel parts
-1 artiodactyl astragalus
-1 partial lower rhinocerotid tooth
-1 rhino terminal long bone

N 44 --' 52.2"
E 114 --' 51.2"
elevation 3755 ft

[Xiaoming puts the final touches on one of the plaster jackets at locality IM0703, nicknamed "People's Hole"]

-Gary, Xiaoming, and I spent the day at the above locality. I opened up a pit to collect more fossils where they are working on a Hipparion jaw and a rhino astragalus. In the afternoon, we took Li Qiang here as well, since in the morning we also found a leporid [rabbit] lower molar.

[our temporary preparation laboratory / sleeping quarters in Abaga]

-The weather is unsettled; it was a little cold and rainy in the morning (upper 50's F) to mostly sunny in the afternoon (upper 80's F).

-We had hotpot for dinner.

-end field notes-

[our small mammal team shares the local well with Mongolian herders in their screen washing operation]

[commentary: the small mammal team continued to screen wash matrix (or sediments) collected from two days ago.]

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