Red Rock Canyon

24-26 October 2008. Red Rock Canyon State Park, Mojave Desert, California

We had a great weekend of warm weather and productive prospecting. The notorious wind of Red Rock Canyon was in total absence this past weekend. This made the work of a fossil prospecting crew of 70+ people easier.

[Fall 2008 Staff. Back row (from left): Collin, Jason, Christy, Mike, Robin, Xiaoming, Vanessa. Front row: Matt, Gary, Jack, Dave, Kamaron]

Among the most interesting finds (to me) were a fossil kangaroo rat jaw and a new microfossil locality. Mike Williams (Department of Vertebrate Paleontology) found the very complete lower jaw of Cupidinimus (probably C. tertius) and Dr. Dave Whistler (Curator Emeritus) found a new microsite from where we collected a test sample for screening.

[Dr. Dave collecting matrix from a new microfossil locality]

Of course, Marlene Heyning did not disappoint us. After finding many fossils (including the carnassial of the felid carnivoran Pseudaelurus) in 2004, she made her mark again on Sunday with an antelope foot bone which she carried back to camp by herself.

[Jack, Marlene, Kam, Gary, and Matt smiling for the camera at the conclusion of the weekend trip. No, that's not my pink bandana; I was just borrowing it because I did not bring my hat.]

With bags full of another weekend of memories, I flew back to Beijing on Monday. My long stay in China has begun.