New study by LACM paleontologists

29 January 2010. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

A study of new material of the nimravid ("false sabertooth") Barbourofelis whitfordi by LACM paleontologists has just been published in the January 2010 issue of the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

This paper describes an almost complete dentition of the most basal species of the last-remaining nimravids in North America. Barbourofelis first appeared in North America during the early Clarendonian North American Land Mammal Age (NALMA), and persisted until the Hemphillian NALMA. The approximate duration of the genus is 5 million years, between 12 and 7 million years ago.

The new fossils were discovered in the Dove Spring Formation, located in gorgeous Red Rock Canyon State Park in the Mojave Desert of southern California. The inspiration and awe that majestic California State Parks give to us rival their rich scientific resources! Paleontologists are still being humbled by what the ground hides beneath its surface, even after more than 100 years of geologic and paleontologic study in the area.

The discoverer of the new fossils is a long-time museum staff, associate, and supporter Mr. Kamaron Sardar, also a protector and server of our city.