New equipment added to 2009 expedition

9 April 2009. IVPP, Beijing

What could be more fun than going shopping in the tool store?

A few of our 2009 Inner Mongolia team members drove to the outskirt of Beijing yesterday to look at generators and jackhammers. We wanted to buy some power tools to help us open up the quarries IM0703 and IM0704.

We ended up buying a 16.5 kg jackhammer along with a 2000-watt generator. This also means we will be able to power electric stoves, water pumps, and other luxuries we did not have before.

Yay for technology!


Additional photographs from the 2008 Expedition

9 April 2009. IVPP, Beijing.

I got some time to photograph a few more large mammal specimens from our 2008 collection. Here they are:

[Anthracothere lower molar fragment (lateral and occlusal views))]

[Skull cap of the bovid Olonbulukia (lateral and dorsal views)]

[Skull fragment of the bovid Tossunoria (lateral and dorsal views)]

[Skull fragment of the bovid ?Qurliknoria (dorsal, lateral, and ventral views)]

[Composite second finger of a chalicothere]