Notes from the field: 11 July 2007 [from archive]

11 July 2007. Baogeda Ula / Locality 482, Inner Mongolia

0900-1400. We spent the morning washing IM0709 and IM0703 matrix, after finishing IM0702. The minibus got a flat tire while off-roading, thus our original plan to further prospect in Baogeda Ula was delayed.

[Dr. Qiu Zhuding of the IVPP gets screen-washing help from a local friend.]

1500. J071107T01 (Locality 482)
elevation 1031 m
N 43 --'06.1"
E 114 --'51.9"

-The 482 locality has been interpreted biochronologically as representing the eastern-most extent of the Tunggur Formation. There is no good way [yet] to geologically verify this interpretation.

[locality 482]

[collected specimen list]:
-distal artiodactyl metapodial
-rhinocerotid tooth fragment
-artiodactyl astragalus
-artiodactyl upper cheek tooth
-rhino calcaneum fragment?

-Another exposure just to the east has vertebral fragments and wrist bone fragments.
-The fossils are weathering out of red sandstone.

[fossil horse tooth from locality 482]

1615 J071107T02. Just south of previous locality, across the wash. Fossils are weathering out of yellow layer with calcareous nodules.
-astragalus (cervid?)
-metatarsal III (equid?)
-small phalanx

-end field notes-

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