Notes from the field: 9 July 2007 [from archive]

9 July 2007. Baogeda Ula, Inner Mongolia

0900-1800. Gary, Sukuan, Qinqin and I spent the day excavating a Hipparion [three-toed horse] palate from IM0704, which is further up-section from IM0701.

[crew examines fossil concentrations at IM0704, nicknamed "Foot in Mouth Quarry"]

-We exposed a rhino wrist bone, scapula, and femur while removing the surface rock. We did not have adequate equipment to conduct such a large scale extraction (the bone bed is extensive; it covers the entire pocket of the hillside we were working in).

-Thus, we selectively extracted the carpal and the jaw (maxillary fragment). We prospected some more around the pocket, and discovered a lower Hipparion jaw after splitting open a fallen rock.

[partial upper jaw of a three-toed horse from IM0704, with dental pick for scale]

-It rained once around 1130, and another time around 1700. We met up with the small mammal crew (they haven't had much luck washing, with the purchase of a new pump plus bad weather). I helped for an hour before wrapping up the workday.

[small mammal crew screens for microfossils; the goats were taking over the well during their water break]

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