Field date set for Inner Mongolia

19 March 2009. IVPP, Beijing.

After several months of sluggish updates of this blog on my part, there is some exciting news: we have set our field date for the 2009 Expedition to Inner Mongolia.

This year's team will include geologists, geochemists, and paleontologists from the United States, China, and Japan. Many of us will be in Beijing on 8 June 2009 to attend a Neogene mammalian biostratigraphy meeting hosted by the IVPP and organized by Dr. Xiaoming Wang of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. After the three-day conference there will be a short field trip to Gansu Province to look at some of the exceptional fossils found in the Hezheng area (see previous entry on this).

Our expedition will begin immediately after these events, and on 16 June 2009 we will launch a caravan of at least four field vehicles and head for central Inner Mongolia. We are going to re-visit fossil localities spanning the Miocene. One of the goals of this 3-week-long expedition will be to excavate two localities in the late Miocene Baogeda Ula strata. I am in the process of finding a good portable jackhammer with which to open up a quarry for easier access to the buried fossils.

Stay tuned...