Notes from the field: 15 July 2007 [from archive]

15 July 2007. Aoerban, Inner Mongolia

0920. J071507T01
N 43 --'32.7"
E 113 --'31.8"
elevation 1055 m

-tarsal bone (artiodactyl?)
-phalanx, artiodactyl
-antler fragment
-distal humerus, Ochotonidae?
-four incisor fragments, Glires [rodents and rabbits]
-proximal ulna, Glires
-right maxillary fragment with toothrow alveoli; Lagomorpha
-lower left mandibular fragment with m1-m3, Ochotonidae
-lower left dentary with m1, Dipodidae?

fossils are weathered out ~1 meter below green bed, in lower red bed.

1025. J071507T02
N 43 --'37.8"
E 113 --'36.4"
elevation 1059m

-three turtle shell fragments weathering out of middle green bed.

1115. J071507T03
N 43 --'41.2"
E 113 --'40.4"
elevation 1070 m

Weathering out of top red bed:
-three carapace frags, Chelonia [turtle]
-three incisor frags, rodent or lagomorph [rabbit]
-distal humerus, Artiodactyla [even-hoofed mammal]

1640. J071507T04
-partial cervid antler, weathering out of flat red bed west of "The Great Divide" (what I am calling the large north-south trending gulch)

-today was a bit cooler than yesterday; high temperature probably reached upper 80s to 90s F. The sky was a bit more patchy, with ~40% cloud cover from time to time. Gary and I spent the morning prospecting in the general exposure area.

-In the afternoon, I went to the eastern region of the exposures with Yuri Kimura, Shi Qinqin, and Hou Sukuan. We prospected along the lower red beds for ~3 hours. We found ochotonid jaws, some Tachyrictoides material, and an antler fragment.

-We arrived back to Bai's house around 1730, and waited for Xiaoming's vehicle to return. Gary and I have been assigned "hotel duty", to allow Deng Tao's students to camp for at least one night. I have also been assigned in charge of finance and supplies.

-Our drinking water needs to be shipped in daily, and thus one vehicle must return to the town of Sunite Zuoqi (also to gas up field vehicles that have been running in the field). Dinner was at the same restaurant, with five people. Our one-night turn in town allowed for a long shower, and wash of clothes.

-the next morning will essentially be spent buying supplies and traveling back to the field area.

-end field notes-

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