2009 Inner Mongolia Expedition confirmed

Great news from Los Angeles:

Jack's 2009 Inner Mongolia Expedition to the hills of Baogeda Ula in the central part of the region has just received enough funding to materialize! He will lead an international crew of paleontologists to explore and excavate the late Miocene rocks of Baogeda Ula, where two new fossil localities were discovered in 2007.

Baogeda Ula [宝格达乌拉]

The American crew will be funded by an Evolving Earth Foundation Research Grant, a National Geographic Society Young Explorers Grant, and a Geological Society of America Student Research Grant. Our Chinese counterparts will also be partially funded by these grants, in addition to a grant from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to Dr. Qiang Li.

Look for the reports of this expedition on this blog next year in 2009!

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