Slow but steady

5 August 2010. Zhongba, Tibet

After being stuck at a road construction blockade for 2.5 hours, and being delayed at a border checkpoint for more than 3 hours, we finally settled down in Saga near midnight.

To make up for lost time, we got back on the road at 0630, only to find snow in our path. Maneuvering the mountains was difficult before dawn because of low visibility, and snow turned to rain in the river valleys and plains.

We stopped in Zhongba to have brunch, and to patch leaky tires. The thick fog clouds the road ahead, and the team leaders are eager to began fieldwork.

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Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment yesterday, but it wasn't posted...hmmmmm, could it be because of Google? I'm trying again....
I'm glad everyone is still healthy! Love the blog...I always wondered what you guys were doing out there. Keep up the good work!! Take care & stay safe! Gary's sister Janet

Anonymous said...

Are you on Raod G219? I saw Zhongba on the map. You are almost there!