Arrived in Zhada

6 August 2010. Zhada County Seat, Tibet

We finally arrived in Zhada today at around 1730. We left Holy
Mountain in the morning, driving west through the village of Menshi,
passing Baer Military Station, and over the hills into Zhada County.

In response to some inquiries (sorry, but limited access here in Tibet
means we cannot successfully post your comments; we really appreciate
the attention though), we did drive most of our journey to Zhada on
G219, sections of which seem to have been under construction for

We encountered a slight mishap on the mountain pass leading into
Zhada; our head vehicle was stopped by a road construction crew which
was paving the one-lane road; our driver got into an argument with the
foremen, and a scuffle ensued which ended peacefully with both sides
backing off. We saw it as a lesson for our city folks to adapt to the
slower way of life in these remote parts of China. Patience is a
prerequisite for this line of work!

This post was sent from an Internet Bar in Zhada; we are staying at
the Chongqing Motel for the duration of our stay in the Zhada Basin.
There are plans to camp out in the remote northwestern area of the
basin sometime within the next 20 days, weather permitting. Thick
clouds passed overhead as we drove in today, and we hope tomorrow the
weather will hold as we begin the first day of fieldwork in Zhada

-The LACM team

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