Field Dispatch: Lazi ahead

4 August 2010. Lazi, Rigaze Area

After a good night's rest at Shenhu Hotel in Rigaze, we got on the road again at 0730, riding in the rain through a mountainous terrain of metamorphic basement rock.

The weather is overcast with occasional drizzle; a light breeze brings a chill through the caravan. Temperature lingers around upper 50's, cold enough for Xiaoming to bring out his jacket.

We passed several sleepy villages, stopped for gasoline, and pressed on.

Everyone is still healthy, even under ever-increasing altitude.
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Yanping said...

Following your exciting journey, I feel like I was seeing the roads, the towns, the mountains. What a wonderful world your are in. It is geographically detailed and clear. How about the people? Any thing interesting happened to the individuals? Or anything happened got to be interesting. Wish every one of you the best.

janet said...

I’m glad to hear that everyone is healthy! Love the blog and pictures…I always wondered what you did out there. Keep up the good work! Keep warm and stay safe! - Gary’s sister