Packing equipment and supplies in Beijing

20 July 2010. IVPP, Beijing.

It is a busy week before the start of the field season. The first Tibet team had already left for the Lunpola Basin on 15 July. The second team, composed of Dr. Xiaoming Wang, Gary Takeuchi, Z. Jack Tseng (LACM), Juan Liu (University of Alberta), Dr. Yang Wang, and Chunfu Zhang (Florida State University), will regroup in the City of Xining on 24 July.

The field vehicles for the second team are being rented on the Tibetan Plateau, so all the equipment and materials have to be carried by us. We have already packed several dozen plaster bandages, a few two-way radios, and our tents and sleeping bags.

Our next challenge: to find and purchase acetone in Xining, before we head out and began visiting fossil localities. We need acetone to dissolve the glue that we use to stabilize fragile specimens in the field.


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