Welcome to Sebei

11 September 2008 Donglingqiu to Sebei.

We are back in the sunshine again.

We are working in the hear of the Chaidamu Basin, where sand stretches beyond the imagination.

Fossils? Not so much. I had to hike 9 miles to find NOTHING. Not to despair, we shall prevail. In the past several days we have been finding mostly fossil fish fragments, and only a few mammal bones (nothing identifiable to family).

We returned to Donglingqiu because of Mr. Gary Takeuchi's discovery of a single beaver tooth in 2005. Nothing more was found this year.

We are now in the oilfield station of Sebei; we have gained access to the refinery, so we could fuel up in the middle of nowhere.

Tomorrow we will attempt the ~6 hour drive to Eboliang, the supposed mecca of fossil fishes (geologists back in the day reported rich fish fossils by the bucket).


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Spencer said...

I'm assuming there were people at the refinery of course? (odd question for the day)