"The Majestic Kunlun, Master of all Mountains"

9 September 2008, Geermu.

We have once again been denied an exploration of the depths of Kunlun. Unlike the car accident in 2007 that made us back off, this year it was the snow. We waited out the storm, but at the mountain pass the road stayed slick and icy, and north-bound traffic has been totally cut off.

We packed up our gear and drove back to Geermu. Tomorrow we are driving deep to the center of the basin, exploring the sandy and vast terrains of Donglingqiu, Eboliang, and Yahu.

Here are some photos of Kunlun as we attempted its snowy peaks:

[mouth of Kunlun]

[Xiaoming in front of the Yuzhu Peak]


[it's cold!]



Spencer said...

Aw, what a dissappointment!

Is Gabriella a chilly dog? Chilly/chili, get it? ...never mind.


Anonymous said...

KunLun Mountain! What a scenery. Did you camp in the snow? That will be memorable for life. The pictures are all spectacle.