Progress in the new mammal hall

Week ending on 20 March 2010. Los Angeles.

This week the fossil mammal skeletons came back from their vacation in Canada; our own vertebrate paleontology staff worked with technicians from Research Casting International to install the mounts into our new Age of Mammals Hall.

In addition to the refurbished skeletons from our previous Cenozoic Hall, several exciting new exhibit skeletons are added to the cohort of terrestrial and marine mammals.

Here are some photos taken during the installation:

[the entrance to the Age of Mammals Hall from the rotunda in the museum's old wing "1913 Building"]

[a mount of the sabertooth Smilodon fatalis looking out onto Exposition Boulevard on the north side of the museum]

[the installation of marine mammals "in the air" as viewed from the mezzanine level of the hall]

[the skeleton of Paleoparadoxia still in wraps]

[Dr. Xiaoming Wang (right) and RCI staff examining the skeleton of the bone-cracking dog Epicyon before it is mounted onto the gallery stage]

[Epicyon in action pose, chasing after horses]

The new hall opens in July 2010!


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Spencer said...

Wait--I thought it opened in '11? Musta been my brain.... Either way, I've been excited for such a long time now, and I'm even more stoked!

Thanks for the sneak-preview!