Additional photographs from the 2008 Expedition

9 April 2009. IVPP, Beijing.

I got some time to photograph a few more large mammal specimens from our 2008 collection. Here they are:

[Anthracothere lower molar fragment (lateral and occlusal views))]

[Skull cap of the bovid Olonbulukia (lateral and dorsal views)]

[Skull fragment of the bovid Tossunoria (lateral and dorsal views)]

[Skull fragment of the bovid ?Qurliknoria (dorsal, lateral, and ventral views)]

[Composite second finger of a chalicothere]



Spencer said...

Remind me what a chalicothere is again?

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine have found a similar bovid fossilized skull during digging for construction in a place between Cairo and Alexandria I've photographed it from all sides for contact