News from the field through the grapevine

19 September 2009. Edmonton, AB Canada

About half-way through the week I received news that our lonely Tibetan Plateau field crew has returned to Beijing.

Because of extraordinary circumstances all coming together this year, the Natural History Museum did not participate in the fieldwork in Zhada Basin, western Tibet. However, the small crew of six discovered a hyaenid palate with lower jaws on the second day after their arrival in Zhada!

After a brief two-week stay in the basin, the crew drove back to Qinghai Province where they did some geologic work on the section we call Quanshuiliang, where all the fossil bovids have been discovered. We hope to be able to put our fossil discoveries into a vertical (stratigraphic) context, so that we may better understand how the animals were evolving locally.

No brand new photos to show from the field because I was not there ;(


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