LACM not in 2009 Tibet expedition

10 August 2009. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

After a long hiatus, I can finally access the blog site again and post updates!

Blogspot has been unavailable within China for the past three months, thus we have not been able to post field updates from our Inner Mongolia excavation project (which was a big success!).

We have been on hold since July to learn the outcome of our permit application to conduct an expedition in the Zhada Basin (western Tibet) with the IVPP. My application was just denied, thus there will be no LACM participants this year on the expedition (Gary and Xiaoming are busily working on the new exhibits).

I will try to post the backlog of field notes and photos from our recent Inner Mongolia project to give you a sense of the day-to-day excitement we experienced while opening up a hole in the ground full of fossils!

Writing from the University of Alberta,


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