What is this? II

29 April 2009. IVPP, Beijing

I have moved on from bovids (antelopes, gazelles, goats, etc.) to a new group of mammals to study from the Tsaidam Basin. What might this be a photo of?

Hint: this is probably late Miocene in geologic age (see timescale on the right column of this page).



Serdar said...

Upper molar (Hipparion)

Zhijie (Jack) said...

Exactly right! We have only isolated teeth of these three-toed horses from the Tsaidam Basin. There are a total of five cheek teeth (two upper and three lower) from our new locality area. Though few in number, these teeth are important clues to the age of the new fauna as they represent one of the earliest (if not THE earliest) Hipparion faunas in China.

Spencer said...

It looked like a tooth at first...but then I decided I had no idea.


Serdar said...

seems to be a highly plicated sample, I consider a "Vallesian" woodland form!!